In the Olive Grove

two best friends    time travel 

and a good friday they'll never forget

When her brother was brutally murdered, a jaded Daynia vowed to keep a promise they had made to each other. She could never have imagined that keeping their promise would catapult her back in time and straight into the fight of her life.


It is a time of uncertainty and upheaval. The Roman Empire rules Judea. Zealots incite rebellion and one Messianic man, who personifies peace, is to be executed.


But Daynia and her spunky friend Alexis are not the only ones trespassing in this chaotic and archaic world. On the hunt for wounded and weary souls, dark forces close in on Daynia, hell-bent on her destruction.


With a mere young boy and his goat as allies, Daynia and Alexis embark on an adventure of mayhem, mishaps and misunderstandings, as they scramble to outrun the law, demons and time.


Can the centurion chasing Daynia save her life and her heart? And can one man facing execution, save her soul?



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Time is precious to us all. I thank you sincerely for sharing some of your time with me,  through the adventure of In the Olive Grove.

 - Roe       

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